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Cast, Crew, and Bios


Leah - Cheryl Fidelman

Mother - Kari Wishingrad

Father - Johnny Murillo

Young leah - Kharma Aveline Fisher

Chad - Robert Kaywin

Edward - Jeffery Davis

Scott - James Camblin

Hotel manager - Steven Danner

Bartender - Jacey Vanda

Preacher - Robert Ericson

Shanua - Keely Dervin

Speaker at funeral - Jarrod Rusin

Young Leah voice - Magdalena Crane



Christopher Philip Rusin

Assistant Director:

Shahin Gholami

Produced by:

Shahin Gholami
Christopher Philip Rusin

Story and Screenplay by:

Jesse Wanamaker

Additional Creative Writing by:

Cheryl Fidelman
Primary Cast and Crew

Production Designer, Art Director, Costume Designer:

Reuben Godinez

Score and soundtrack by:

Anthony Salvini

Associate Producer

Elizabeth Lopez

Executive Producer

Philip John Rusin


Adam W. Rusin
Jarrod Rusin
Douglas Robertson

Director of Photography:

Christopher Philip Rusin

Sound by:

Douglas Robertson



Christopher Philip Rusin
Christopher Miliani

Assistant Editors:

Philip John Rusin
Adam W. Rusin
Jarrod Rusin
Jesse Wanamaker
Elizabeth Lopez
Shahin Gholami

Audio Mixing:

Christopher Miliani
Anthony Salvini
Christopher Philip Rusin
Philip John Rusin
Adam W. Rusin
Shahin Gholami
Douglas Robertson

DVD Design and Production:

Philip John Rusin (aka Tio Paco)
Adam W. Rusin
Afshin Gholami


Micaela Rodriquez

Amanda Fisher

Roanin X Fisher

Rebecca Rodriquez

DaMarcus Wells Buckner

Christina Williamson

Steven M. Morse

Angela Guardado Imrie

Reece Alexzander Imrie

Lonnie Wells Buckner

Ashley Czimback

Danielle D'Amour

Joel Breitigam

Adam W. Rusin

Philip John Rusin

Ray Kimball

Luz Hernandez

Kevin Brown

Shahin Gholmi

Reuben Godinez

Jesse Wanamaker

Barbara Hanson

David Anthony Smith

Rob Wilson

Alisha Alba Shanks

Jessie Williamson

Gemini Garcia

Thomas P. Villante

Nicholas Keen

Trevor Cabrera

Ryan Swim

Illianna Alba Keith

Wendy Riley Kennedy


Directors' Bio:

Christopher Philip Rusin - Producer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor

Christopher Rusin is a multi-talented professional cinematographer, independent film maker and commercial and fine art photographer with his own special developments in the field of time lapse techniques for photography and film.

Primarily self taught, Rusin has traveled more than 12 Countries, camera in hand, as a professional independent filmmaker for public, government and private clients.

His broad artistic range has been shaped by vast experiences. From a happy childhood to the ravages of war, Rusins' work is honest both in his interpretation of the gentle, heartfelt imagery of nature to the harshness of life's dark and gritty underbelly. Always thought provoking and intense, his works powerfully communicate his ideas with compassion, beauty and intelligence.

In 2009 Christopher was the Director and Cinematographer on the feature Film "FELL".

With over 2000 hours of camera speed, Rusin continues to pursue excellence through challenging projects


Shahin Gholami - Producer/Director

Shahin Gholami is a photographer and independent film maker striving to explore and communicate his perceptions of social, racial and cultural connection. Through the visual language of image and circumstance, Gholami seeks to engage the audience in a journey through passion, joy and pain in an approach often subtle, humorous or taboo, to uncover universal truths.

Born in Tehran, Iran, Gholami and his family were uprooted to Germany during his Countries turbulent revolution. His passion for freedom and expression led to his study of film. Upon leaving his native Country, Gholami initially lived and worked throughout Europe and Japan, finally immigrating to California at 22 years old. He now lives and works in the Greater Bay Area and Napa, California.

In 1999 Shahin founded Baby Joon Film, where he continues to pursue his lifelong dream and career in film.


Reuben Godinez - Art and Set Director, Costume Designer

The brilliant and short lived Reuben Godinez passed from this earth a few months following the wrap of the feature film "Fell" at age 34.
Godinez was a trail blazing designer, outlandish performer and talented professional artist who communicated his perceptions of the world through art, which he created using an astonishing assortment of media and technique.

Born as the 12th child in Ario de Rayon Michoacán, Mexico, his artistic passions exuberantly and provocatively expressed deep rooted cultural influences of familia, folklore, music, religion and sexuality.

Godinez was not limited to a palette of paint. He could successfully take $20, two dresses from the Goodwill, a spool of thread, box of sequins and a hot glue gun and create the entire set design for a feature film including the full surrealistic wardrobe for the lead female serial killer.

Reuben Godinez was an Elementary school art instructor, oil painter, female impersonator, interior designer, fashion designer, comedian, dog lover, confidant and professional guru.

Jesse Wanamaker - Writer

Jesse Wanamaker is a native to the NapaValley and free-lance writer and journalist who's works include poetry, fiction and screenplays. In journalism, human interest stories of social-psychology, arts/ entertainment, culture, local and national news are his focus. He attended Sonoma State University for creative writing and journalism. He has published feature articles for the Napa Register, St Helena Star, and the poem "Nightshade" in Zaum, SSU's annual literary review. He has written articles and press releases for art news website nonstarvingartists.com of Portland, Oregon.

Wannamaker conceived the story and was a major contributor to the screenplay of "FELL."

Cheryl Rae aka Cheryl Fidelman "LEAH"

Cheryl began her training on stage at Uta Hagen's HB Studio, NYC - under the direction of Ed Morehouse. She performed off-Broadway with the Black Moon Theatre Company, was cast in several independent films and competed in New York's Strawberry Festival. She was also an active member of the NY Comedy Club's improv troupe 'Grown Up's Playground.' Cheryl received the International Shakespeare Scholar Certificate from Cambridge University (UK) and continued her studies in Literature at Sarah Lawrence College (NY).

After migrating to California in 2005, she began 2 years of rigorous training and competition on the Bay Area slam poetry scene. She earned the team finalist slot in 3 cities and has performed her original works nationally. She is also hard at work writing her first one woman show. Cheryl is proud to have worked with a few of today's brilliant, up and coming film directors including Reid Gershbein, Roman Drake, Jade Chen and Christopher Rusin. "Do not live any other life than the one that you dream of, otherwise it's just not worth stickin' around."

Actress/Spoken word Artist


Kari Wishingrad "MOTHER"

Kari Wishingrad hails originally from NYC and has lived in Northern California for the past 25 years. She began her acting training at a young age in theater. Since then, she has expanded her career acting in dozens of independent films, many of which have been in the festival circuit and may be seen on DVD. Commercials, voice over, TV, print modeling and industrials round out her resume. Kari is currently co-producing a feature film and is writing a musical show.


Jeffery Davis - "EDWARD"

Jeffery Davis spent most of his early life on the east coast, located twelve minutes from the beach and an hour from NYC. After school, he lived on New York's upper East Side while working in a couple of the top ten advertising agencies in the world and studying improvisation during the evenings at the New York New School. After moving to San Francisco in the late 90's, Jeffery more actively pursued acting and was featured in more than 35 film and television projects.

Jeffery can be seen in a cable TV special which airs several times each year and on each Halloween on the History Channel called History of Vampires. Selected films include Six Sex Scenes and a Murder, Little Bruno, Mismo, Here My Explosion, Silent Alarm, Reality TV Movie, and The Dabbler, Dreamer and the Man Who Broke The World.

Jeffery Davis currently resides in Venice, California.


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